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Safe & Effective Weight Loss Injections For Faster Fat-Burning

If diets and workouts just aren’t cutting it, or you need a little boost to lose the last pounds and reach your goal weight, our Redefine Super Skinny Me shot can make all the difference.

Our best-selling weight loss shot includes potent metabolism-reviving ingredients & lipotropic compounds.

Break through your weight loss plateau, kick-start a new weight loss plan, or maintain your ideal weight more easily with weekly, biweekly, or monthly injections.

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Active Ingredients In The Redefine Super Skinny Me Shot


What it is: an amino acid naturally produced by the body. How L-Cartinine helps you lose weight: L-Cartinine boosts energy production by sending more fatty acids to the cells where they can be turned into energy.

Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12

What it is: B12 (methylcobalamin) is an important nutrient essential for maintaining health. How B12 helps you lose weight: Methylcobalamin is essential for proper metabolism function. It helps your body turn food into fuel (glucose). Vitamin B12 can also help you deal with stress and anxiety, two huge weight-loss sabotages.

Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B Complex

What it is: B complex includes all eight B vitamins. How B Complex helps you lose weight: Maintaining sufficient levels of B vitamins gives your body what it needs to efficiently metabolize carbs, fats, and protein. B complex has also been shown to help control appetite.

MIC (Lipotropic)
MIC (Lipotropic)

How MIC helps you lose weight: Methionine is known for preventing excess fat accumulation. Inositol assists in redistribution of body fat. Choline plays a part in transporting fatty acids through the bloodstream. This formula also helps maintain proper liver function, which is essential for weight loss. Learn about other ingredients used in our vitamin shots and IV therapy, or request a custom vitamin injection tailored to your needs.

Why Weight Loss Shots Work Better Than Pills Or Drinks

Injection therapy delivers essential nutrients directly to your bloodstream for fast & complete absorption. Administered in a private room in less than a minute, our proprietary fat-burning formulation will jump-start your metabolism for maximum weight loss results to compliment your daily fitness and diet routine. Enjoying regular workouts won’t be a problem thanks to a healthy dose of B vitamins, keeping your energy levels and spirits high! You’re already working hard—make weight loss easier with the Redefine Super Skinny Me shot.

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Lose Weight Fast With Vitamin Shots

As much as we wish our weight loss shots were some kind of miracle treatment to instantly make you thinner, it’s not that easy (almost, but not quite). Proper nutrition plays an important role in weight management. If your body doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs, it cannot function as efficiently as it should. The best way to lose weight is to make the most of your healthy diet and exercise routine, by supplementing your efforts with the Redefine Super Skinny Me shot or the Supper Skinny Me Boost shot. The metabolism-boosting vitamins and nutrients in the Super Skinny Me Boost shot help your body more effectively turn food and calories into energy (energy you can use to exercise!). B-complex vitamins give you an energy and mood boost to make you feel like a million bucks. Give your metabolism a boost and start seeing the results of your healthy diet and exercise.


Multiple Vitamin Shots For Weight Loss

Along with our Super Skinny Me weight loss injection, we also offer vitamin B12 shots. B12 improves your metabolism and boosts your energy. Used as a supplement with a healthy diet and exercise, B12 shots help you lose weight faster. Contact our vitamin injection specialists to discuss how a weight loss vitamin shot can enhance your weight loss plan. Our Super Skinny Me Boost Shot includes even more B complex to take you from drained to energized, naturally. When you feel better it's easier to stick with your fitness and fat loss plans. Hydration is also essential for successful weight loss plans. It improves digestive system function and allows your muscles to work harder and burn more calories. Weight loss injections like the Redefine Super Skinny Me shot deliver maximum results in under a minute.

Multiple Vitamin Shots