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Anti Stress Defense - Elite Medical Group

Relax and Unwind with Anti-Stress Defense Services

Our Redefine Anti-Stress Defense Shot is formulated to reduce stress levels quickly so you feel more relaxed. Chronic stress lead to nutrient deficiencies, leaving you even more vulnerable to the effects of stress and anxiety. Each shot takes less than a minute and is administered by a licensed nurse in a private room.

Nutrients For Stress:

n depletion - defend yourself & feel better faster. Stress can come at you from every angle: family, friends, finances, career, health, and even from a positive change in your life. We include the most effective vitamins, minerals and other nutrients shown to counteract the effects of stress and anxiety.

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Vitamin List

Vitamin C - Elite Medical Group

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps your body purge and regulate cortisol, a stress hormone known to increase blood sugar and blood pressure.

B Complex - Elite Medical Group
B Complex

All B-vitamins play an important part in the production of neurotransmitters, which are essential for maintaining a positive mindset.

L-Tryptophan - Elite Medical Group

Studies have found tryptophan supplements can help reduce anxiety by diminishing biochemical stress markers including cortisol levels.

Vitamin B1 - Elite Medical Group
Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) boosts your immune system and plays an important role in blood sugar regulation, so your body can withstand stressful situations more readily.

Vitamin B12 - Elite Medical Group

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiencies (and borderline deficiencies) are common, especially in older adults. When you’re not getting enough B12 it can worsen the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Glycine - Elite Medical Group

Glycine is an amino acid known to support mental function and act as a ‘calming’ neurotransmitter by inducing a more serene mood and enhancing quality of sleep.

Vitamin C

Taurine also helps with neurotransmitter regulation to help calm and stabilize the mind. Taurine also slows the release of adrenaline which can reduce post-stress anxiety.

How Stress Depletes Essential Nutrients - Elite Medical Group

How Stress Depletes Essential Nutrients

When you’re under chronic stress, your body produces certain hormones and neurotransmitters, which uses your existing reserves of nutrients. Stress can also negatively affect digestion, so you wind up absorbing fewer nutrients from the foods you eat.

Stress can be a trigger for less-than-ideal habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, taking recreational drugs, or overindulging in caffeine all of which deplete nutrients from your body.

Don’t let stress get the better of you – give your body the nutrients it needs. Our anti-stress injection delivers calming vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream. Unlike pills or vitamin drinks, injected nutrients are fully & quickly absorbed so you feel relief faster.

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Why It's Important To Defend Against Stress

Stress can put a lot of pressure on the heart and cardiovascular system, especially if you have anxiety or panic attacks.

Stress can also lead to:

  • Overeating
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Sleeping problems
  • Muscle pain

and many other physical and mental effects.

Our Anti-Stress Defense shot can prevent your stress level from harming your health and mood. You’ll feel less anxious, sleep better, and calm down.

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How Stress Depletes - Elite Medical Group
How Stress Depletes Elite Medical Group

Vitamin Therapy For Anxiety Makes Room In Your Life For Relaxation

Anxiety can be hard to treat because it can be caused by many different factors. Vitamin supplements and injections can give you more energy, reduce stress, and help you sleep better, all of which may contribute to lowering your anxiety. Stress relief vitamin shots may be just what you need to relax and enjoy your life.

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